The resources on this page are meant to serve as a guide for you, the teachers of Reed-Custer, and inspiration as you prepare for our continued Remote Learning journey. Please know that, for many of the “How-To” guides, you will need to be logged into your Reed-Custer Google Account. If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact me:

Also, be sure to check out the “Reed-Custer Staff Favorites” and send me your suggestions! We’ll get them added ASAP – sharing is caring. Happy Creating!​ 

​​Google Resources
Navigating Google Classroom might seem overwhelming at first, but it truly is a game changer for all things education. It provides organization tools, communication options, and easy collection/grading techniques. Plus, once you create a class, you can reuse assignments from  year to year! Check out our Reed-Custer created training to set-up your classes today: Step-by-Step Video to Creating a ClassStep-by-Step Video for Navigating Assignments, and a Step-by-Step Handout.​
Checkout this Teacher Tribe dedicated to creating Podcasts specifically for Google Fan Teachers. Quarantine time gives us plenty of time to get some extra cleaning done, sneak an extra workout in, or even catch up on some of that lesson revising we’ve been meaning to do. Throw in some headphones and listen to what educators are using Google to accomplish.​
Google How-To Guide - This is a live document, updated daily by Reed-Custer Staff, to answer common questions related to Google and Google Classroom. Consult this resource when you need help, and, if you can’t find the answer, submit your question in the Google Form at the end of the document and someone will get back to you with a response as soon as possible.
Google's Teach From​ Home Hub - This page includes step-by-step tutorials, created by Google, to help teachers navigate using Google to teach from home.
Google Drive 101​ - This Google Slides presentation, created by Reed-Custer Staff, will walk you through the basics of navigating Google Drive.

​​Screen Recording Resources​
Screencastify is a user friendly screen recording tool for both teachers and students. The program automatically saves videos to your Google Drive and allows for easy posting to your Google Classroom, quick sending of videos as email attachments, and virtual student presentations. Check out our Reed-Custer created training to make your own account today: Step-by-Step Video OR Step-by-Step Handout.​

​​ ​Video Conferencing Resources
Zoom allows you to connect live with students and colleagues through video and audio chat. Once you have opened a virtual meeting, you can share your screen with participants to have collaborative discussions or explain a new concept. It’s also a great way to see some familiar smiling faces while practicing social distancing. Check out our Reed-Custer created training to make your own account today: Step-by-Step Video​ OR Step-by-Step Handout.
Bonus! Here is a link for you to pass along to students/parents if they need help creating an account.​

GoToWebinar provides teachers with a safe, instructor controlled option for class presentations. These presentations can appear in PowerPoint format, or a teacher can share his/her computer screen. Students are muted while the teacher presents, but can send questions through a chat messaging system. This allows the instructor to answer questions without being interrupted. GoToMeeting is another feature of this program suite enabling video conferencing between teacher and students.​
Google Hangouts is a free, Google based virtual meeting tool. It allows you to connect and collaborate with multiple students in real time. Click here to find some additional tips, tricks, and resources.
Flipgrid takes the “live” out of video conferencing, but allows teachers and students to post video responses to one another. It is user friendly, fun, and versatile. Teachers commonly use Flipgrid for video journaling, peer review tools, debate/Socratic discussions, sharing dance moves, and so much more. Check out the company’s Remote Learning Resources!​ 
It's user friendly, fun, versatile. It also allows you to provide feedback to students! Check out this RC created video to find out how!​

​​Student Engagement Tools​
The Remind App allows teachers to reach students and parents wherever they are. The platform allows teachers to text students and parents without exchanging actual phone numbers. Click here to learn how Remind suggests you utilize their resource for remote learning.​
If you haven’t heard of Kahoot, now is a great time to check it out – they are offering Premium tools free of charge! It’s great to review old material, or to quickly check understanding of new material. You can host a live Kahoot via videoconferencing, or assign self-paced Kahoots for students to play anywhere, anytime. Even if you’re an experienced user, take a look at their Distance Learning Toolkit.​
Socrative allows teachers to watch student responses populate in real time.  It’s great for formative assessment because it provides immediate feedback and is user friendly for students of all ages as it can be launched from a phone, tablet, or computer. If you think you’ve outgrown Socrative, try its sister company, Showbie, or take a look at the Remote Learning resources that incorporate both products.​

​​Open Reading Resources​
This We Are Teachers article lists authors for all ages performing online read-alouds and activities due to our current circumstances.​
Vooks brings storybooks to life – and right now educators receive 1 year free!​
Amazon’s reading stream, Audible, is currently offering free service for children’s stories.​

​​Reed-Custer Staff Favorites​
TEDEd organizes TED talks by subject area and attaches interactive questions, discussion prompts, and additional learning suggestions to each video. Clips can be short or long, they have all age presenters, and they cover relevant material for all ages (you can also sort by age group). It’s a no-brainer tool.” – JJ, RCHS Librarian
Zearn is a wonderful digital platform for all Eureka Math lessons. It includes a fact fluency portion, concept development section with video and manipulatives, and an independent work component as well. The videos do a wonderful job of explaining concepts and would support both students and parents while practicing at home. They have even created some Remote Learning Resources​.  It would be a great tool for math during these next few weeks!” Maggie Blaine, 3rd Grade

​​When You’re In The Mood To Browse​
​The Illinois State Board of Education has organized a plethora of Continuing Education Resources attached #keeplearning. Be sure to scroll to the bottom of the page and use either the filters on the left side of the page, or the page numbers at the bottom to peruse.​​
​Apple is maintaining a list of the top Learn and Study from Home apps.
​Good Housekeeping compiled a list of companies offering free subscriptions during school closures. These are helpful for both teachers and parents.​
​District is maintaining an ever expanding list of Free K-12 resources​ during the pandemic. The company organizes resources by category, and is publishing everything from Health & Wellness guides, to student engagement suggestions, to free professional development opportunities.​