College and Career Exploration via Xello

The Reed-Custer school district is pleased to provide students with access to Xello, a new online program focused on helping each child discover the future pathway most appropriate for them.


Today’s world requires students to be critical thinkers and efficient decision makers. While it is important to help students choose a particular career or school, it is equally as important to help students understand how to make that choice.


Xello is a software program that synchronizes the technology students are using in their everyday lives. It simplifies the future-planning process by presenting information in a highly personal and contextual way. Rather than providing students with a checklist, it prioritizes the student’s likes and dislikes, learning styles, and personal experiences, and helps create a plan for an inspired and successful future.


Xello Vision.png 
 To access your student’s Xello account, please follow these step-by-step directions:

 Xello Powerschool Launch.JPG