GraduationPageTitle.PNG Senior of Reed-Custer, congratulations on your upcoming graduation.  This page will help assist you in the completion of your requirements, which have been updated by the state of Illinois.


The Illinois State Board of Education has a document on graduation requirements that can be found here, but the simplified version can be broken down into three categories:

  • 24 completed credit hours in the following fields:
    • 4 English Credits
    • 3 Math Credits
    • 3 Science Credits
    • 3 Social Studies Credits
      • 1 World History Credit
      • 1 US History Credit
      • .5 Civics Credit
      • .5 Personal Finance Credit
    • ​3.5 Physical Education Credits
    • .5 Health Credits
    • 7 Art/Music/World Language/Vocational Credits
  • Completion of the SAT test with Essay.  Click here​ to find scheduling oppurtunities to take the SAT Test.
  • File a Free Application for Student Aid (FAFSA) or print and return this waiver​ to the RCHS office.

For more information and questions please visit our guidance counselors page and their guidance blog, or visit the Illinois Student Assistance Commission.