Learning to type is an investment in your career future for any person, and learning while you are young is an important step to ensuring future success. No one could have imagined fifty years ago, how important the Internet would be to our daily lives. Today, living without a computer, or not knowing how to navigate the World Wide Web, sets you at an automatic disadvantage. It is very important that children learn how to type, use Email, use reference tools on the Internet, and handle office programs.

In today’s society, typing is one key to getting a great job. Most jobs require some degree of computer work, and knowing how to type quickly and efficiently will make you more marketable than your fellow worker who simply “finger pecks” at the keyboard. 

Daily typing practice is the key to your typing success. To keep up with your new skills and to improve your typing, you will need daily typing practice.

Unfortunately, I only get to see your students for a half hour each week.  Fortunately, the typing program we are using, http://www.typing.com  is online and can be done at home!  Your student’s login is firstname.lastname255 (all lowercase) and their password is 1234.

Students, Click Here to Sign in and Begin Typing at typing.com!

If you have a computer with a keyboard at your house, I ask that you add at least one typing lesson each day to your student’s homework, and encourage them to type as often as they can.  I have a series of prizes that will be awarded weekly and monthly to the top typing students.​

Typing Games

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