Parents, Students, and Community Members:

On behalf of the teachers and staff, allow me to welcome you to Reed-Custer Middle School. Our motto for the 2021-2022 school year is "Choose Your Mindset". Even though our lives have been greatly disrupted the past 1.5 years as a result of the pandemic, we will choose to stay positive and continue to support each other during these unprecedented times. Therefore, our challenge to students, staff, and ourselves will be to recognize that it is our attitude and our mindset that determines whether we struggle or thrive during tough times. We will embrace the fact that we are in charge of our emotions, behavior, and attitude. In short, we will choose to be our best, daily.

Our mission at RCMS is to empower all students to find lasting individual success. In meeting that goal, we will ensure a strong curriculum, provide excellent instruction, and advance our co-curricular programs. Further, we will provide support for all students to reach their maximum potential in all areas of individual growth and maintain high expectations for student achievement.

If, at any time, you become concerned with your child's progress or just have a general question, please know that my door is always open or feel free to contact me at 815-458-2686 or email ​





Shane Trager

RCMS Principal