​5 Essentials Survey ​A link to the 5 Essentials Survey for Illinois Public School Students.

​Clever is a single sign on for many of the different programs that Reed-Custer uses.  


Username: Your normal district username

Password: Your normal district password​

​Early Bird
​Early Bird Homework Help is daily in the LMC and Lab 503 from 7:25-7:55.  This is a great place to ask questions, finish up homework, or use a computer.  ​

6th Grade Smart Start​​
​A presentation answering all your questions about the transition to 6th grade including, homework, PowerSchool, Digits, and more.​
Homework Hotline at RCMS ​A page dedicated to listing and helping with 6th, 7th, and 8th grade homework each night.
​RCMS Library ​The website for the RCMS Library.
RCMS Media Center ​A collection of helpful links.
RCMS Typing Pal ​RCMS typing curriculum.
RCMS Band ​The main website for the RCMS band has detailed information.

​Social Studies Texts​
State: IL
District: Reed-custer Cmty Unit Sd 255-u,60408   


Login name:  first.last@rc255.net  

(use own first/last names)

Password:  Student’s state ID number 

(nine digits on bottom of school ID card)