Illinois School Health Mandated Requirements



These mandated health requirements are due on the first day of school:


​Grade level/Activity ​Exams ​Immunizations
​Early Childhood
or Preschool
  • Pneumococcal Conjugate (4 doses)
  • Hib (4 doses)
  • ​DTaP (4 doses)
  • Polio (3 doses)
  • MMR (1st dose) 
  • Varicella (1st dose)
  • ​​DTaP (4 doses)
  • Polio (4th dose)
  • MMR (2nd dose)
  • Varicella (2nd dose)
2nd Grade
(due by May 15th - 2nd grade year)
​6th Grade
(due by May 15th - 6th grade year)
  • Tdap (1 dose)
  • ​Hepatitis B (3) shot series
  • Varicella (2nd dose, if not given previously)
  • Meningococcal Conjugate (MCV4) 1st dose
​9th Grade
  • ​Tdap, if not received at 6th grade
  • Varicella (2nd dose, if not given at Kindergarten or 6th grade)
12th Grade
  • Meningococcal Conjugate Must have 2 doses, the 2nd dose after 16 yrs of age.
New Student
moving in
from another state
  • Submit list of immunizations to the Certified School Nurse (CSN) for evaluation to determine if other immunizations are needed.
School Sports



*Save yourself money!  If your student is in a sport activity, the Illinois mandated Physical Exam (6th or 9th grade) can be used as a Sports' Physical Exam.  However, the Sports' Physical Exam does not meet the requirement for the State of Illinois mandated Physical Exam.


Visit Health Forms & Services for exam forms, waivers, and action plans,

as well as a list of available services (including immunizations through Will County).


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