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I recently saw an individual wearing a t-shirt that had 5 stars on the front of it, with only one of the stars colored in. Above the stars read, “2020”.  Below the stars read, “Very bad, would not recommend”. This one-star review pretty much sums it up. We started on a downhill slide in early spring with rising COVID-19 cases, a loss of several basic conveniences that we have all learned to take for granted, and a 2019-2020 school year that ended with students at home participating in a quickly developed remote learning plan. The year continued throughout the summer with constant negative news regarding the pandemic, civil unrest throughout the country, and mountains of mandates, regulations, and recommendations for schools as they looked to the fall semester. But with an optimistic mindset, Reed-Custer CUSD 255 sorted through pages of information and formulated a Transition Plan that allowed students the opportunity for either remote or on-site learning. Based upon ever changing guidance, it is impossible to predict how the 2020-2021 school year will look in its entirety. We will cautiously approach each day as a stepping stone verses a stumbling block and follow all applicable professional guidance in order to maintain safety for all. Teamwork is the key as we work through these difficult times. 

Last year’s theme was to “Take the Train”. This year, we need to all work together to “Keep the Train on the Tracks”. If there is any school district that can be successful during these trying times, Reed-Custer CUSD 255 is the one. This District is full of amazing students, staff members, and parents, and the community always rises to the challenge. We are confident that 2020-2021 will be a tremendous school year, regardless of external pressures.​

Mark Mitchell​