Parents and Students, 

I hope everyone is safe and sound during this mandatory school closure period. Reed-Custer will begin mandatory Remote Learning on Monday, April 13th. Our RCHS Staff is preparing remote learning activities to help engage our students during this unprecedented time. If you have the technology and WIFI capabilities at home to access E-learning, please make sure your students understand they will need to use their rc255.net Google account to access Google Classroom and other educational supports. Directions for how to log into their account are posted below. If you do not have computer access, you can utilize our curbside pick-up of hard copy materials for your student’s classes, or check out a school issued device. 

RCHS will hold virtual classes on Mondays (Periods 1-4) and Tuesdays (Periods 5-7) of each week. If a teacher assigns work for his/her course, it should be submitted by Friday of that week. 

The District would also like to acknowledge that this is a difficult time for all, and we are still here to support your child as much as possible. Please visit our Family Support Page​ for additional information.  

If either you, or your son/daughter, have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me or Mr. Smith. 


(815)458-2166 x3301


(815)458-2166 x3302

Remote Learning Technology Assistance

Many of our teachers will be using Google Classroom to post and collect assignments. Teachers will also be using the Reed-Custer Google student email accounts to contact students. Please click on the resources below if you or your student need assistance to access these tools. - How To Find a Student’s RC Google Username and Password in the PowerSchool Portal

- How To Access RC Student Email

- How To Find Google Classroom ​

A reminder that Google Classroom will work from Xbox and PS4 consoles for those without computers. The Google Classroom app can be downloaded to any phone.​

If at any time you experience technical difficulties related to the Remote Learning Process, please contact our Technology Support Hotline:

Email: support@rc255.net

Call: 815-458-4137 and choose Option 3​

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