FORCES (Friends of Reed-Custer Elementary Schools) is a group of parents who volunteerForcesLogo.PNG
their time to provide fun activities and educational materials that the schools may not have been able to offer.

Some of the things that FORCES does to accomplish this goal includes providing volunteers for school events, classroom supply purchases such as planners and folders, and some fun extras such as ornaments for Christmas programs, Box Top Winner prizes, Field Day treats, EC/Pre-K picnics, and 5th grade T-Shirts, field trips, and more.  

Help out just by participating!  Read your FORCES Newsletters, bring in Box Tops, show up at The Mar Movie Night, or participate in fundraisers.  If you would like to get further involved we would love to have you.  We are always looking for volunteers and help around the school.  Contact us at our Facebook Page or email any of the board members listed below!​

Contact members of FORCES by clicking on these email links:

Dottie Savarino

Vice President 



Friends we are looking for PURE IMAGINATION this year!!

Join us at our next meeting to learn what FORCES provides for RCES students and staff. 
This year meetings are a little different as the meetings are done by video conferencing through Zoom. The FORCES Zoom meeting link will be posted here on the Facebook page the night before the meeting. Monthly meetings start at 8:00PM (CST). 

Please note if you haven't attended a Zoom meeting you may need to download the required software depending on what type of device you are utilizing or web browser. Head over to the Zoom download center by following this link:
If you are unable to make a meeting but are interested in finding out more please send us a private message here on Facebook. Thanks!

FORCES meet on Mondays at 3:45pm at the Reed-Custer Elementary School. These dates may change due to unforeseen circumstances and will be announced of those changes on the FORCES Facebook page. Thank you!

9/11/23, 10/16/23, 11/13/23, 12/11/23, 1/8/24, 2/12/24, 3/11/24, 4/15/24, 5/13/24
We look forward to working with you and hope you have an amazing school year!​