Student Activities


Study after study shows that students who regularly participated in after-school programs surpassed their peers in academic performance as well as exhibit notable improvements in work habits and behavior.  

Here at Reed-Custer Elementary we are excited to offer several extracurricular activities that serve as an introduction to the wider world of extracurricular activities we offer at our Middle School and High School.

RCES Choir - Choir at Reed-Custer Elementary is designed to be a continuing curriculum for 5th grade students who wish to grow their technique and knowledge of singing.    Through discovery and practice, students gain a well-rounded music education with emphasis on music literacy, music history, performance, and appreciation.

RCES Musical Performances​ - Michelle Seibert 

Speech Team - Speech/Literary Team is an opportunity for students to perform in front of an audience. Individually or in a group, students memorize and act out a 5-10 minute skit at a one time state competition. In the practices held at school, they are coached in speaking and acting technique and have a blast boosting their confidence and entertaining others. Joining is available to all fifth graders who are willing to practice regularly at school and at home within a very short season. Speech Team sign up will be in August, requires a $5 fee and attendance of all practices which will begin after Labor Day. The IESA state competition will be held on November 4th in Gardner. ​

Intramural Sports - Several intramural sports are offered including volleyball & basketball.  Stay tuned to school announcements for dates, times, and further information.