RCES Principal's Message




 FalettiOn behalf of the staff at RCES, I'd like to welcome you to Reed-Custer Elementary School and the 2023-2024 school year! We are ready to "dive in", work hard, and have a fantastic year at RCES.

Each year at RCES, we focus on a theme that unites our PreK-5th grade classrooms and families. Our 23-24 school year theme, chosen by the students, focuses on the ocean and beach.


Learning is "fin" tastic at RCES!



At RCES, we prioritize building relationships and supporting our students academically and emotionally. We want our students and families to feel connected and know they are a vital part of the learning community at RCES. We ask that you consistently communicate with the staff at RCES. We can help your child achieve academically and have a positive school experience.


RCES is ready to Think Big and Live Deep! 



Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.



Heather Faletti, Principal

Reed-Custer Elementary

[email protected]

815-458-2145 ext. 3402


Click on this link to view Mrs. Faletti’s Website​.  This webpage has more RCES information, links to our newsletter and other resources for our families.


Learning is SWEET at RCES!