The primary use of the transportation facilities is to transport students to and from school in an efficient, safe, and economical manner.  The Assistant Superintendent for Operations shall develop transportation routes upon the directive of the Board of Education.  Bus stops are established by the Assistant Superintendent for Operations to ensure student safety and the efficient use of the buses.  In establishing bus stops, riders may be asked to walk up to one and one-half mile to reach a bus stop.  Buses will operate only on city streets, township, county or state roads.  No buses will operate on private lanes or driveways.

Other purposes include providing transportation for field trips in direct support of the curricular and the co-curricular program.  Vehicles used by the district will meet all federal and state safety standards. Also, any bus drivers hired by the district will meet all required federal and state standards for licensing.​

Parents please have your student at their bus stop and ready 5 minutes early for pick up.     ​

PARENTS OR GUARDIANS of young special education and Elementary School students in EC and K must show their presence before a driver will release a student from the bus. If the driver does not see a responsible person to greet the small child, that child will be returned to the bus barn and will have to be picked up ASAP.​  For all school bus rules please refer to the Parent/Student Handbook​​​, District Section, SCHOOL BUS RULES.​

School Bus Safety is a priority of our district.  Please review these Safety Materials.

For more information on school bus driver permits please visit here ​.