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Our mission at Reed-Custer is to provide student-athletes with an opportunity to compete successfully in a school athletic program that is an integral part of their educational experience. The experience will provide a personalized learning environment with equitable participation opportunities for student-athletes to develop their leadership potential. Win or lose, the Reed-Custer Athletic Department will encourage student-athletes to provide a winning effort, exhibit sportsmanship, and demonstrate respect for all.  The goal is that the learning experience that will empower them to become successful and fully productive citizens in an ever-changing, global society.​

Physicals:  A current physical (within the previous 13 months) is required to be on file at the Middle School to try out for any sport.  The mandated 6th grade school physical covers 6th grade students sports physical.  

Participation fees:  There is a $20 yearly fee for some of our activities and athletics.  The $20 would cover every sport/activity in which your son/daughter participates. There is a $20 fee for band, and a $20 fee for chorus.  If your son or daughter is in a sport, band, and chorus, there is a $10 discount for a total of $50.

Cheer:  Students making the cheer squad may not try out for any sport other than softball or track.

Overlaps:  SB and GBKB, GBKB and VB – Multisport athletes complete previous sport and then tryout for next.  6th grade boys may join Wrestling at the conclusion of BBKB.  7/8 must choose.  Athletes are encouraged to participate in other activities whenever meeting times permit.

Coaches/Sponsors: Coaches and sponsors are listed on the particular page for that activity. You can contact them at [email protected] or you can always e-mail [email protected] for information.  ​