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Delayed Start / School Closing

If a Delayed Start or School Closing decision has been made, in addition to the Mass Call Out which will be made by 5:30AM, we also contact the following radio/TV stations:
WLS-TV channel 7​ WJDK 95.7​ ​WLLI 96.7
WBVS 100.7​ ​WJOL 1340 ​WONU 89.7
WCSJ 1550​ ​WJTW 93.5 ​WVLI 95.1
WIVR 101.7​ ​WKAN/WLRT 1320
Under a Delayed Start Schedule, all buildings will start exactly 1 hour after the normal start times, meaning that all bus routes will run 1 hour later than usual.  All buildings will be open at normal times in case parents need to drop children off at school.  Staff will be onsite to supervise.  Each building will determine its own internal schedule for the day.  Dismissal times for all buildings will remain unchanged.
It is only on rare occasion that we call school off early and send children home before the regular dismissal time.  If this should happen, we will utilize the same procedures we use when calling school off for the entire day.
There is no need to call the school.  You may unnecessarily tie up phone lines needed for emergency communications.  If you do not get the call, do not hear our school district name on the radio, or see it on the TV, plan on regular school attendance.
Mass Call Out
Blackboard Connect is an automatic messaging system which contacts families with students in the Reed-Custer School District to provide important announcements (including school closings). Please make sure the school offices have your current phone number(s) for phone calls and SMS-texts and your e-mail address to ensure you receive these notifications. Call 1-855-4replay (1-815-473-7529) to replay phone messages which have been sent. You must call from the phone which is subscribed to receive our calls, and the phone must not block caller ID.